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At Castañeda Organic and Natural Beef, we are committed to producing the highest quality beef possible while protecting the environment. Our pastures are chemical-free; we never use synthetic pesticides or herbicides. To ensure that our cattle have all they need to thrive, we rotate our grazing areas always to have a fresh supply of nutrients and vitamins. We also feed our cattle an organic diet of grasses, legumes, seeds, and hay to ensure they get all the necessary nutrients. We raise Akaushi cattle on natural pastures and forages with no added hormones or antibiotics. Their diets include corn and other grains that enhance their nutritional values. In addition, there is plenty of natural hay available.
Castañeda Beef offers free shipping (with orders over $100) of quality meats and products like A-La-Cart Akaushi Beef Cuts, all-natural free-range chicken, Akaushi Beef Sample Boxes, seafood, and  Castañeda Beef gift cards right to your door! Talk about convenience!

Why Order From Castañeda Beef?

If you want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and eat healthier beef, then you should consider eating organic and natural beef delivered to right to your door, which was raised right here in Texas. Our beef is raised without added hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides and is rich in fiber and vitamins. Organic and natural beef can not be purchased just anywhere, and we are the only company that will help you by bringing it to your front door.
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We offer delivery to the following areas:

Missouri City
San Antonio