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Meat Delivery in Richmond

Farm fresh quality beef is not only affordable, it’s also easily obtainable. We at Castañeda Beef place quality as our number one priority. When you choose Castañeda Beef, you’re choosing top-grade, locally sourced meat products for you and your family.

Your house. Our beef. It’s as simple as that. Castañeda Beef is now offering delivery services in Richmond ! Get your order sent to your doorstep and enjoy.

The benefits of choosing Castañeda Beef are endless! From locally raised beef and free-range chicken to totally free delivery, the Castañeda team places huge importance on premium quality products and customer satisfaction. Hungry yet? Shop our selection of beef now!

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Meat Delivery Options

Castañeda Beef offers totally FREE home delivery to the greater Richmond area on any order over $100. Delivery products include A-La-Cart Akaushi Beef Cuts, All-natural free-range chicken, our famous Akaushi Beef Sample Boxes, Castañeda Beef Gift Cards and our seafood products.

Why Order From Castañeda Beef

If you’re on the fence about ordering from Castañeda Beef and are asking yourself “why Castañeda?” we ask you, “why not?” In the age of hormone-injected, antibiotic-ridden meat products, Castañeda Beef stands to be the change. Our animals are raised right here in Central Texas and tended to by us - the experts. Castañeda Beef is family-owned and operated which means guaranteed freshness and top-quality products; unlike the big-name competition, we care about keeping our customers out of harm's way from genetically modified products. Are you ready to elevate your kitchen? Order from us today!