• Where can I buy Castaneda Beef?
    We sell premium Wagyu beef through our website and local farmers markets in the Katy/Richmond/Greater Houston area with delivery to La Vernia, Adkins and the greater San Antonio area. Our ranch is located in central Texas and is a family-owned venture, operated by 3 generations of the Castañeda family.

  • What is Angus Beef?
    We use Angus genetics, which is a Scottish breed, in our herd for their good marbling characteristics. They are medium framed and fit our program well. Angus come in red or black and provide a good hybrid vigor when cross bred to Akaushi, Hereford, Brahman and Charolais cattle.

  • What is Akaushi Beef?
    Akaushi is a breed of Japanese cattle. Akaushi beef contains a higher concentration of monounsaturated fat relative to saturated fat, which the American Heart Association notes can lead to lower cholesterol, the prevention of coronary heart disease, and weight loss (American Akaushi Association)

  • Is your beef grass-fed?
    Our cattle are 80% grass-fed as there are times throughout the year that we may supplement in order to keep them in good body condition.

  • Are they Finished?
    Yes, we finish our cattle on a forage/grain diet for 120 to 160 days. This diet is free from any antibiotics or hormones. We finish our cattle this way so that they can marble consistently and have a better flavor.

  • Is Castaneda Beef hormone and antibiotic free?
    Yes, we do not at any time give our cattle hormones or antibiotics, so the meat is very clean and natural.

  • How do you deliver your beef?  
    For SAN ANTONIO/RICHMOND/KATY/SUGARLAND deliveries we offer: FREE Home delivery on any order over $100.00. *You can choose your delivery date in the cart page of the e-shopping experience. Don't see your city on the list? No problem! Let's Talk. Send us a message through our Contact page. Have questions about home delivery? Visit our Delivery Page.

  • Do you sell beef by the quarter?
    Absolutely! View our CB Partner Program page for details. Follow up with us and we can share quarter options as well as share further details on our Partner Program.

  • Don't see an answer to your questions?
    Send us a message on our contact page.

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