How It Works

3 Different Ways To Purchase From Castañeda Beef

Monthly Beef and Chicken Membership

Texas-raised, antibiotic and hormone-free, our free-range chicken and fresh Wagyu box membership guarantee you will receive “Prime” grade beef with each delivery.

By The Box

Our Monthly Box Subscriptions provide an easy way to get the same great Castañeda Beef or combo box every month. Each box includes a delicious selection of our premium cuts, hand-selected just for you and curated to your liking, depending on the poultry or seafood you add. Plus, you’ll get free delivery and exclusive discounts!

Partner Program

The Castañeda Beef Partner Program helps to bring the highest quality of beef directly to your doorstep. When you become a partner, you will receive exclusive discounts and access to all of our products – perfect for those who are looking for bulk purchases or regular deliveries. A $250 initial buy-in is required to secure your ¼ calf. This fee also includes the cattle’s feed, veterinarian bills, and butchering. If you don’t have storage for your ¼ of beef once butchered, we can also store your meat for the duration you are apart of the CB Partner Program.

And There's More!

If you’re wanting to try something new without the upfront commitment, you can still purchase individual products from us at your leisure. You can order directly through our website or call our customer service team to place your order – either way, we guarantee the same high quality beef each and every time.

No matter which option you choose, when you shop with Castañeda Beef, you’re getting the highest quality meat that is sustainably sourced, locally raised and processed with care.

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