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Welcome to Castañeda Beef, Wharton’s premier fresh poultry and beef provider! Committed to providing locally raised injection-free meat, we take customer service one step further and will ship Wagyu beef, chicken, and seafood directly to your doorstep in Wharton. The days of driving long distances to reach quality meat markets or joining meat shares are gone. Treat your whole family to healthy meat that is a cut above the rest! Our livestock is locally raised and free of hormones. Our Wagyu beef, chicken, and seafood are a cut above the rest and can be shipped directly to your doorstep in Alvin.

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Quality Wagyu Beef in Alvin, TX

The cattle on our property at Castañeda Beef are 80% grass-fed and receive supplements to keep their health in good condition during extreme drought conditions or freezes. Our cattle are also finished on a forage/grain diet for 120 to 160 days. The diet our cattle are kept on is completely free from hormones and antibiotics. This helps to keep the cattle marbled consistently while increasing their flavor, so a copious amount of marbling is perfected.

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Casteñeda Beef offers free shipping (on orders over $100) of quality meats and products like A-La-Cart Akaushi Beef Cuts, all-natural free-range chicken, Akaushi Beef Sample Boxes, seafood, and Casteñeda Beef gift cards right to your door! You can shop quality cuts from the comfort of your home and leave the delivery to us

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The United States meat market has become saturated with beef products full of injected hormones and foreign chemicals shipped over thousands of miles. As farmland owners who can produce a quality product, we’ve decided to take things into our own hands. Here at Castañeda Beef, we are dedicated to placing the highest quality meat products on your doorstep. We ethically and locally source our meat from our own Central Texas ranch, and we promise never to inject our livestock with any chemicals. Experience the Castañeda difference and join a business that values better beef and quality of life!