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Healthy and quality meat at an affordable price is hard to come by, and that isn’t even considering how inconvenient it often is to get! At Castaneda Beef, we solve all of those problems for you! Committed to locally sourcing injection-free meat, we take one step further and ship right to your doorstep here in Sugarland. Gone are the days of driving long distances to reach quality meat markets or joining meat shares, so treat your whole family to healthy meat that is a cut above the rest!

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Casteneda Beef offers free shipping (with orders over $100) of quality meats and products like A-La-Cart Akaushi Beef Cuts, all-natural free-range chicken, Akaushi Beef Sample Boxes, seafood, and Castendea Beef gift cards right to your door! Talk about convenience!

Why Order From Castañeda Beef

The United State’s meat market has become saturated with beef products full of injected hormones and foreign chemicals that were shipped over thousands of miles- not exactly fresh. Here at Castaneda Beef, we are dedicated to placing the highest quality meat products on your doorstep. We ethically and locally source our meat from surrounding ranches that do not inject their livestock with any foreign chemicals and allow them to roam free. Come experience the Castaneda difference and join a business that values better beef and qualities of life!